ReturnFormer Chainmaille Productions

Below are pictured most of the chainmaille works that I've done. I mostly make things for myself, but occasionally I sell things I no longer want. I will also take commissions if what you want something else, but as I only do this part-time, it could take a while to finish. Whether you'd like to buy something already made or commission your own special piece, e-mail me for more information.

My SS 14g 3/8" coif is for sale.

The first coif and hauberk I made; using 3/4" split rings:

SS 14g 3/8" coif:

with brass trim:

SS 14g 3/8" shirt:

acid etched Al 14g 3/8" and brass 16g 3/8" e6-1 coinbag:

I'm currently working on a new shirt from 14g 1/4" Al rings and a new coif from 18g 5/32" SS rings.
This is the coif so far: