Return Former

back to what you were before
what you are for nevermore
something just collapsed inside
brought out what you tried to hide
exit where your thoughts have lain
only to return again
something that you thought you knew
wasnt what you wanted to
formerly you gave it blame
only to return to same

is it really a return
wont the flame inside still burn
once gone from what was before
might not still return once more?
had left once before the same
only now to leave again
search for truth to go on still
something for a test of will
to have such a change of mind
can you not respond in kind

but if tis a true return
then something must have been learned
once decided not to see
how then came again to be
something which not known before
that which must be truth to core
knowledge that has such insight
as to bring the truth to light
brings the end of the search for
a thing to be evermore

(c) 2001

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